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Stacked Tires

Home Tires for Tires and Batteries Trading

Limited liability company established in 2000

Company projects

Through its spread, Home Tires has gained the trust of its customers, such as companies, sectors, and merchants, for example:

  • International Center for Safety

  • El Waad Red Sea for development

  • French Arab Company

  • Nile Holding Company for Investment

  • Alpha Med Company for medical devices and supplies

  • Kabo Agricultural Projects Company

  • Al Alfy Businessmen Services Company

  • Al-Nahda Industries Company

  • Sinbad Services Company

  • Natural Gas Company for Cars

  • Petromin Egypt Company

  • Blom Bank Egypt

  • Roma Supplies Company

  • United Grain Company

  • Qarun Petroleum Company

  • Khalda Petroleum Company

  • Pharos Petroleum Company

  • Printform Oil Company

  • South Dabaa Petroleum Company

  • Hot Short Egypt Company

  • MO Sweets Company

  • Buhler Milling Company

  • Emma Pasta Company

  • Gilobater Company for Food Supplies

  • Al-Iman Batteries Company

  • Relief for Catholics

  • R.H.I

  • Emerald Tourism Company

  • Option Tourism Company

  • Option Tourism Company

  • Smart Car Maintenance Center

  • Magi Medical Company

  • Amin Trading Company

  • Cairo Housing and Development Company

  • Arab Center for Engineering Control

As we mentioned earlier, the company always seeks to attract many customers, whether they are individuals or companies.

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